The Mission

To establish and maintain an effective coalition of grassroots and medium-sized human rights based CSOs with the aim to strengthen their capacities to advocate for the promotion and protection of fundamental rights of selected vulnerable and marginalised groups(VMGs). This action establishes and maintains an effective coalition of CSOs that aims to strengthen the capacities of participating CSOs to advocate for the promotion and protection of rights of selected VMGs: LGBT, women, youth, and minority communities.

ERAC has the following particular objectives:

  • To form a cooperative network of grassroots and medium-sized CSOs that provide efficient aid and support to members of VMGs with limited access to fundamental rights;
  • To establish meaningful and informed participation in the government’s decision and policy making processes on the promotion and protection of fundamental rights of VMGs on the basis of multi-disciplinary policy research;
  • To strengthen the participating CSOs’ (a) institutional capacities (communication, coordination, accountability, and transparency) and (b) interdisciplinary skills (research, monitoring, legal laid, advocacy, various fields of human rights and VMGs);
  • To raise general awareness of the role of civil society in participatory democracy and in particular with regard to fundamental rights for all.

Project Idea

Equal Rights for All Coalition (ERAC) brings together seven (7) NGOs that work in the domain of rule of law and fundamental rights with a particular focus on the establishment of a sustainable network of CSOs that are active in the protection and promotion of the fundamental rights of vulnerable and/or marginalized groups (VMGs). The project special focus are the following groups: all minority communities in Kosovo, women, youth and LGBT community. Although working on similar topics and issues, these NGOs are often divided on the basis of the particular target groups they are working with or the region they are active in. By establishing structural cooperation between selected NGOs and providing formal opportunities for continuous learning, the action generates the sharing of knowledge and experience between NGOs (including on institutional matters), strengthen their capacities for advocacy with relevant central and municipal institutions, and increases their visibility.

The Coalition

  • ECMI Kosovo

    European Centre for Minority Issues Kosovo (ECMI Kosovo) is a principle non-government working with ethnic minorities and interethnic relations in Kosovo. ECMI Kosovo has three field of activities: (1) Providing capacity-building and policy recommendations to government institutions for them to function in a community-sensitive, accountable and transparent manner; (2) Empowering civil society within communities to effectively participate in decision-making and advocate for their rights; (3) Raising awareness among the general public and inform the public debate on the position of minority communities in Kosovo.
  • KGSC

    The mission of the Kosovar Gender Studies Center (KGSC) is to integrate gender-sensitive analysis, programs, and policies in all sectors of Kosovar society by increasing gender awareness and a focus on gender issues, developing gender studies and ensuring the inclusion of gender-sensitive policies through research, policy development, advocacy, and lobbying.   KGSC is a gender-focused organization in Kosovo and the region. In its almost 14 years of its existence, it has contributed to gender mainstreaming and achievement of gender equality in all spheres of life. KGSC has implemented over 50 projects in the field of women’s rights and gender equality. Their expertise in advocacy, monitoring and research as well as awareness raising campaign provide for an added value for the project activities. KGSC insofar has been a pioneer in challenging the discriminatory system in Kosovo, social norms and double standards, and has been very effective in monitoring public institutions on the implementation of gender-relevant policies and laws.
  • CSGD

    Centre for Social Group Development (CSGD) is a non-governmental organisation that protects and promotes the rights of LGBT community in Kosovo. CSGD main focus is in: (1) Empowering the LGBT community; (2) Advocating and lobbying for LGBT human rights; and (3) raising awareness in society regarding issues faced by members of the LGBT community.
  • CEL Kosova

    Centre for Equality and Liberty of the LGBT community in Kosova (CEL) was established in July, 2013 with the aim to empower the LGBT community in Kosovo, prevent the discrimination based on sexual orientation, raise awareness of the general population on LGBT rights and advocate for equal rights and non-discrimination of the LGBT community in Kosovo in accordance with the Constitution and the laws of the Republic of Kosovo. CEL also seeks to strengthen the legal framework with effect to the LGBT community in the country as well as to increase the level of active participation of the LGBT community in Kosovo in relevant international and regional mechanisms and projects beneficial to the community and society at large. CEL staff members and activist are have a considerable level of experience in human rights issues, with particular emphasis on LGBT rights, Community issues and advocacy practices. We would like to thank all our current and past (and the future ones as well) supporters for believing in our vision of embitterment of the lives of LGBT community members in Kosovo.

    Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR KS) is a non-governmental organization active in protection and promotion of human rights, particularly youth. YIHR has been (1) contributing to strengthening the rule of law through documenting, reporting and advocating for the implementation of legislation that ensures human rights of all; (2) promoting human rights through education, activism, campaigns, local and regional networking, and enhancing critical thinking among youth; and (3) empowering the process of dealing with the past by establishing new links between young people from different ethnic groups in Kosovo and the region of the Western Balkans.

    Centre for Legal Aid and Regional Development (CLARD) has an experience in provision of administrative, civil and criminal law providing legal aid and free court representation to vulnerable and marginalised groups, strategic litigation, and research on legal issues affecting VMGs. Apart from the main office in Prishtinë/Priština, CLARD also has mobile teams identifying cases in the field and legal clinics throughout Kosovo.
  • Kosovo 2.0

    Kosovo Glocal is an independent media, which is based on the foundation and approach of advocacy journalism. It reports and examines the state of political/social issues of importance in Kosovo, but also pushes for change and reform. This includes coverage on gender equality, human rights, civic participation, greater access to information, improving inter-ethnic relations. Kosovo 2.0 runs a network of contributors and bloggers from across Kosovo and the region and is one of the few independent media venues that shares informed critique and analysis.