ADVANCING LGBTI RIGHTS BY BUILDING THE CAPACITIES OF PUBLIC SERVANTS: An evaluation of training programs of public institutions in Kosovo

Kosovo’s advanced legal protection of human rights often does not translate into practice. This is
especially the case for vulnerable communities who, in addition to dealing with this lack of rule of
law, face social rejection. Emanating from society’s traditional values, the stigma attached to the
LGBTI community is seen in the refusal of rights, discrimination and violence. This is evident even
among civil servants, despite it clashing with their professional obligations.
As this is a major obstacle to the protection and advancement of LGBTI rights, this report
examines and evaluates the quality of existing training programs on LGBTI rights and issues that
are attended by public servants. It scrutinizes the level of success attained by the Advisory and
Coordination Group for LGBTI rights within the relevant institutions, in terms of training provision
and capacity building of public servants on LGBTI rights and issues, with the aim of advancing
their protection and promotion.

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