Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Kosovo – YIHR KS within the Equal Rights for All Coalition –
ERAC, supported by the EU Office in Kosovo, conducted the research “Youth Engagement in Kosovo
Local Government – Unpacking the LYAC’s impact on policymaking in Kosovo Local Government”.

The main findings of this research show that the main challenge faced by young people at the
municipal level is the lack of perspective of employment, where 100% of respondents stated this
is the main problem as far as young people are concerned. About 80% think that poverty and
low standard of living are a major problem in this context, and around 60% of LYAC officials and
activists see the lack of opportunities for youth participation in decision-making in local politics
as one of the main problems faced by young people at the municipal level in Kosovo. Regarding
the poor functioning of the education system in Kosovo, only 20% of them think this is the most
important problem in their municipality, while about 80% of them think it is a problem of secondhand
importance faced by young people at the local level.

Please read the full report in the link below